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Datastorm 2017: C=64 State of the Art [Feb. 19th, 2017|03:14 pm]
Chroma Key

Commodore 64: Thirty-five years old. State of the art, in 2017: coders are still teaching this old box new tricks:

Shape - The Shores of Reflection (2017)

Triad - Neon (2017)

(Released at Datastorm 2017).

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The fallen tree of Trust [Feb. 17th, 2017|07:28 am]
Chroma Key
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The fallen tree of Trust;
its burnt-out stump a husk
of shattered dreams and broken things
that once were loved, but life lost lust.

Would hate move in, oh yes; we see
"let's find new purpose for this tree!"
such purple demagoguery.
It's been working, and quite busy
erecting walls that stand most tall
designed and built to slash and wilt
the quiet hearts, ones without guilt,
just trying to live lives that tilt
toward better places, times, and built
together with us all.

(requiem, coda)
The fallen tree of Trust
... a funny thing this, but
although its gone, some souls live on
they stand in place, live lives with grace
in withered love, lost truth, bad faith;
in fondness, may they find some way.

--CK 2017-02-17
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Emotions are cognitive, not innate, researchers conclude [Feb. 16th, 2017|06:24 am]
Chroma Key

I find it interesting to read that upon a survey of the literature, these researchers seem to say that they're concluding that people's emotions are not in fact 'hardwired,' but emerge as a spontaneous experience resulting from the structure of their minds.

    Emotions are not innately programmed into our brains, but, in fact, are cognitive states resulting from the gathering of information, New York University Professor Joseph LeDoux and Richard Brown, a professor at the City University of New York, conclude in the latest issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences...

    Existing work posits that emotions are innately programmed in the brain's subcortical circuits. As a result, emotions are often treated as different from cognitive states of consciousness, such as those related to the perception of external stimuli. In other words, emotions aren't a response to what our brain takes in from our observations, but, rather, are intrinsic to our makeup.

    However, after taking into account existing scholarship on both cognition and emotion, LeDoux and Brown see a quite different architecture for emotions—one more centered on process than on composition. They conclude that emotions are "higher-order states" embedded in cortical circuits. Therefore, unlike present theories, they see emotional states as similar to other states of consciousness.


It makes me think back to over a decade of put-downs from then-trusted friends, always telling me that the things I felt were somehow wrong because they were not the same things that they themselves imagined they might feel in my shoes. The presumptuousness and implicit condescension of it was odious even then, but I sat objections aside, after all, maybe they were right and my emotional inner life was somehow degenerate. Now, I look back and I can't believe the way I let those people treat me, exchanging my hamhanded gestures of love for their scorn.

Beyond personal reflection, I think this research has very interesting implications for an individual who is blazing a path through life for their own identity. And I think that maybe the best hope I see in all of this is that it bolsters the idea that living in a state of love is an acquired and acquirable skill.
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As I sit here and I reflect, [Feb. 12th, 2017|09:16 am]
Chroma Key

(For Gallara Dragon @ UDIC)

As I sit here and I reflect,
on the old friends and those I've let
slip through my hands or fade away
until at last I turn, dismayed
and realize no one's there, one day.

Remembered echoes of old friends
stand up when they stand down at end
and march along my side in stride
in echo chambers of my mind.
The love and feelings resonate
but mask the fact that time's a'waste;
is life a game, or more a race
to keep my love and life apace
with found ones met along the way?

-CK 2017-02-12
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I hope you're doing well, Dougal [Feb. 4th, 2017|04:28 pm]
Chroma Key
[mood |disconsolate]

I hope you're doing well, Dougal,
And that you are okay.
It's been a while since hearing word,
with Christmas passed, you are the third
old friend of mine from Luskwood herd
I've reached to with my heart deterred.

They have, it seems, gone on to slip
one side of our relationship;
their words and heart, now hid away,
as if some darkness is at play
when I come out to smile and say
to them my fondness for that day
when we could still entrust a way
to listen to our hearts.
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White-flecked mouths now shout and sneer [Feb. 4th, 2017|01:26 pm]
Chroma Key
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White-flecked mouths now shout and sneer,
their business paradigm is clear,
to profit much, we must now veer
to weaponize synthetic fear.

Though those we point this weapon at,
are innocent and do in fact,
have spirits that God would take in,
as holier than thou, with sin.

You have decried the word of Jah,
And then you blasphemied Allah.
They're all the same, you have forgot,
They're Jesus Christ, evil they're not.

And so we can all plainly see,
your spirit as yet is not free,
you do not live now with God's grace,
beyond your reach in outer space.

Repent repent, confess your sin,
denounce hatred and please begin
to make up for the harm you've made:
be God's good human to your grave.

-CK 2017-02-04
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(no subject) [Feb. 3rd, 2017|03:34 pm]
Chroma Key
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Our nation's honor bleeds right out [Feb. 1st, 2017|10:18 am]
Chroma Key
[mood |determineddetermined]

( http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/white-house-five-year-old-boy-detained-dulles-international-airport-hours-sean-spicer-pose-security-a7554521.html )

Our nation's honor bleeds right out,
as fallen POTUS screams and shouts
how US children of age five
are fearful threats: "they'll make us die!"

The lies and lies he tells and tells
condemn his sickened soul to hell,
along with soulless un-dead men,
who sold their spirits; were misled

Our nation's being torn in two
by enemies of freedom who
nihilistically refuse to
build a world that's good and true.

What darkness burns within their hearts,
corruption black that's left its mark,
a fecal taint that smells quite foul,
wicked stench masked by denial.

We know not why nor how they died,
what beastly danger lurks inside
the mills that grind within their chests
now that their human heart's at rest.

But we must all stand close and tight,
against this darkness we must fight,
to turn away? extinguished light.
We'd then lose all to dark of night.

Stand firm against against the lies of Trump,
and dare not move when he says 'jump!'
When he says "down," think "up," you know
When he says "fear," think "love," and show
the world that we will stand above
This fallen Fed'ral hate of love.

(--CK, 2017-02-01)
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"Hey, Fascist." [Jan. 29th, 2017|01:56 pm]
Chroma Key
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Hey, fascist.
Nice helmet.
Wanna play some football?

Look at you, red v blue, a football game you play for shame.
Do you think life is but a game?
Hey Fascist thugs, care to explain?
Why this man can't board his plane?
What's he done to earn your blame?
Do you protect, as you now claim?
Or render harm made in its name?
We stand opposed, unbroken chain.

*blinds them by covering their Trumpist facemask in aerosol-sprayed silly string*

("Hey, fascist." By CK, 2017-01-29)
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The Day of Inaugruation has arrived [Jan. 20th, 2017|08:41 am]
Chroma Key
[mood |melancholymelancholy]
[music |Dimtri Shostakovich - String Quartet No 8, in C Minor, Op. 110]

The downfall of the American Republic is a special occasion. Let us appreciate some special music that might as well have been written for this very special day.

"The piece was written shortly after two traumatic events in the life of the composer: the first presentation of debilitating muscular weakness that would eventually be diagnosed as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and his reluctant joining of the Communist Party. According to the score, it is dedicated "to the victims of fascism and the war"; his son, Maxim, interprets this as a reference to the victims of all totalitarianism, while his daughter Galina says that he dedicated it to himself, and that the published dedication was imposed by the Russian authorities." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_Quartet_No._8_(Shostakovich))
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