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White-flecked mouths now shout and sneer [Feb. 4th, 2017|01:26 pm]
Chroma Key
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White-flecked mouths now shout and sneer,
their business paradigm is clear,
to profit much, we must now veer
to weaponize synthetic fear.

Though those we point this weapon at,
are innocent and do in fact,
have spirits that God would take in,
as holier than thou, with sin.

You have decried the word of Jah,
And then you blasphemied Allah.
They're all the same, you have forgot,
They're Jesus Christ, evil they're not.

And so we can all plainly see,
your spirit as yet is not free,
you do not live now with God's grace,
beyond your reach in outer space.

Repent repent, confess your sin,
denounce hatred and please begin
to make up for the harm you've made:
be God's good human to your grave.

-CK 2017-02-04