Chroma Key (chromal) wrote,
Chroma Key

British EU vote

Every now and again the world seems to shift and twist and I have an opinion about it. Sometimes I've only got a reaction ready, other times a response. My reaction to the British referendum on remaining in the EU:

Leaving the EU is a mistake, and all the populist arguments I've heard in favor of the British EU exit struck me as demagoguery, hysterical, or some combination of the two. This is not in the best interests of Britain, the EU, nor, I suspect, the world. It is a very extreme remedy to the challenges faced in the EU, and it seems like more than a slim majority can reasonably demand of a huge minority. So many were opposed to some fate and some world they reject, and yet now the thin majority would force it upon them. It seems indecent, uncivil, hysterical and unenlightened, and, again, not in any peoples' best long-term interests.

All I can say is that, as an American who has endured the worst political-social aspects of the past sixteen years, this is just another old familiar situation. Why is it now in Britain, as in the United States, that our democracies are pushing people apart with hysteria rather than bringing them together with sound reasoning? I believe that the cosmopolitan peoples in Europe (including in the British parts of Europe) are shocked and mortified in a way that's novel to an entire generation.
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