February 1st, 2017


Our nation's honor bleeds right out

( http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/white-house-five-year-old-boy-detained-dulles-international-airport-hours-sean-spicer-pose-security-a7554521.html )

Our nation's honor bleeds right out,
as fallen POTUS screams and shouts
how US children of age five
are fearful threats: "they'll make us die!"

The lies and lies he tells and tells
condemn his sickened soul to hell,
along with soulless un-dead men,
who sold their spirits; were misled

Our nation's being torn in two
by enemies of freedom who
nihilistically refuse to
build a world that's good and true.

What darkness burns within their hearts,
corruption black that's left its mark,
a fecal taint that smells quite foul,
wicked stench masked by denial.

We know not why nor how they died,
what beastly danger lurks inside
the mills that grind within their chests
now that their human heart's at rest.

But we must all stand close and tight,
against this darkness we must fight,
to turn away? extinguished light.
We'd then lose all to dark of night.

Stand firm against against the lies of Trump,
and dare not move when he says 'jump!'
When he says "down," think "up," you know
When he says "fear," think "love," and show
the world that we will stand above
This fallen Fed'ral hate of love.

(--CK, 2017-02-01)