February 17th, 2017


The fallen tree of Trust

The fallen tree of Trust;
its burnt-out stump a husk
of shattered dreams and broken things
that once were loved, but life lost lust.

Would hate move in, oh yes; we see
"let's find new purpose for this tree!"
such purple demagoguery.
It's been working, and quite busy
erecting walls that stand most tall
designed and built to slash and wilt
the quiet hearts, ones without guilt,
just trying to live lives that tilt
toward better places, times, and built
together with us all.

(requiem, coda)
The fallen tree of Trust
... a funny thing this, but
although its gone, some souls live on
they stand in place, live lives with grace
in withered love, lost truth, bad faith;
in fondness, may they find some way.

--CK 2017-02-17