February 26th, 2017


If someone died and made you king

Too Late @ Youtube wrote: "F you. If it has a penis, its a boy. If it has a vagina its a girl on drugs. CHEATING."

If someone died and made you king,
great control to your world you'd bring,
you'd sort out all those kids who dare
to wear their own ideas bare.
It's not so easy standing there
with brave heart glowing, bright and clear,
knowing trolls like you will dare
to circulate fetid hot air.
Hey, clue by four: we just don't care
what haters lost will loudly blare
about their own hatreds declared,
now please sit down right over there
and close your mouth with words that glare.
For God's sake, man, please show some care.

-CK 2017-02-26