April 10th, 2017


Livejournal.com betrays The Internet, the future, and decency itself

" Mitch Wagner writes, "LiveJournal is a venerable online community that predates Facebook and even blogging. It got acquired by a Russian company a few years ago, but some of its American and British users hung on, including sf and fantasy writers and fans. Lately, I know one of my friends was scrambling to leave, but I'd been too busy to look into why."

"Now I know: LiveJournal changed its terms of service to require obeying Russian law, which requires "protecting" minors from discussing "sexual deviancy" -- LGBTQ issues. This is evil."
( http://boingboing.net/2017/04/08/six-to-end.html )

I've been myself on livejournal.com since Dec 31, 2001, and I will never submit to the pathological hatred and intolerance of the toothless and impotent old men of the Russian FSB. What are they going to do? Visit me in Colorado and break my legs? Ha! The weight and higher authority of the Cosmos, and history, is on our side. What can they claim gives them authority over us? Nothing.