avant-garde pop is the best pop.

avant-garde pop is the best pop.

Röyksopp - Never Ever ft. Susanne Sundfør

Daniel T. - Windy Lady feat. Eiko Hara (Turbotito Extended Remix)

QUIÑ - III. Happened 2 Happen (H2H) (prod. by KRYS$HUN)

Kamo & Krooked - Honesty

tomppabeats "Summer Lover" ft. in love with a ghost

brother mynor - paint by numbers

The rabid fascist brays again,

Trump to propose 10 percent spike in defense spending, massive cuts to other agencies
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The rabid fascist brays again,
his beastly sound boasts beastly ends
of treasure stolen to make hoards,
to defense corps our nation whores
our People's needs go thus ignored.
The budget broken, debt but soars,
great ships of lies set sail for war,
with crimes against the world and more.

Our lives, our times, our dreams, our needs,
are undermined so endlessly
by great barons of industry
whose despoiled souls kill recklessly
while spouting the profanity
that they're the good guys, can't we see?

And they will save us all from the
things that their demagoguery
demand we fear, give up wills free,
believe their false tautologies,
promote their dark hegemony,
snuff out all things that are holy,
hate life, hate love, hate truth, hate pleas
for peace and progress, debriefings,
please now stand down from century
of wars for aristocracy,
the world's moved on, why can't you see?

This farce of Mid-East noise that bleeds
with blood whose trails do lead, it seems,
right back. This darkness, ours hardly!
Who thinks this is democracy?
Who do you kid? It's nobody!
It's time we open eyes and see
agendas for Hitler's posse
whose spirits ride upon these tides
that swamp our nation's hearts and minds
with evil schemes and dark'ning skies
that would not stand to judgements wise
and like a vampire sucks and dries
the lifeforce from our veins and lives
built not on stones but base of lies.

We've had enough, no more, it's time
to stop the madness, stop this crime,
to stop this fire that burns and binds
our country's soul, enslaved in kind.
I ask you friend, stand up and end
the endless war on truth that sends
our treasure to the war hawks' hands.

-CK 2017-02-27

Darkness invades the lone-star state

French Historian ... Threatened With Deportation at Houston Airport
( )

Darkness invades the lone-star state
drilling up spray of pitch-black hate,
their xenophobia now made great;
time and again they make "mistakes"
that fool no one who can think some
or apply conscience to the day.

Good hearts spy sadly: darkness lurks,
these hateful curs resist and smirk
or choose to fail with trusted work;
they spill their oil of hate in dirt
and seize power, burn much of worth,
and pledge to darkness many perks,
pursuing task, it seems, with mirth.

Oh Texas stands, a sight quite tall,
as what happens when culture falls;
their government in darkness thrall,
oil fires burning, smoke's smoth'ring pall,
a sordid warning to us all,
tall hat, big boots, with bully's snarl.

-CK 2017-02-27

If someone died and made you king

Too Late @ Youtube wrote: "F you. If it has a penis, its a boy. If it has a vagina its a girl on drugs. CHEATING."

If someone died and made you king,
great control to your world you'd bring,
you'd sort out all those kids who dare
to wear their own ideas bare.
It's not so easy standing there
with brave heart glowing, bright and clear,
knowing trolls like you will dare
to circulate fetid hot air.
Hey, clue by four: we just don't care
what haters lost will loudly blare
about their own hatreds declared,
now please sit down right over there
and close your mouth with words that glare.
For God's sake, man, please show some care.

-CK 2017-02-26

Yes, Obama was such a tragedy

CG wrote: "...I see it as a right for you to vote for Obama and me to vote who I want. I said several times that I knew that the majority voted for Obama so I accepted it..."

Yes, Obama was such a tragedy
for America.
But let's cut our losses
and move on, then, shall we?

Or perhaps we need to talk
about the way
in which
is no longer
a liberal democratic system;
in effect,
our nation has
been stolen right
out from underneath us.

We simply were not given
an actual choice
for a destiny
to vote upon in 2016.

The machinations that follow
injure and harm
dignity, pride, tradition, law, honor, truth,
and at the end of the day,
civilization itself withers.

So, yes,
do let's
talk about Obama.

--CK 2017-02-25

Not satisfied to just abide

( )

Not satisfied to just abide
in harming spirits on the side,
the meek who seek but better lives,
they now target proud lives like mine.
Not just the poor, lost, and ignored;
against free thought they declare war,
these beasts, these knaves, these knives, these whores.

And so they weaponize their lies,
and so they shall commoditize
and break out scalpels, chains that bind,
they'll clip all wings that let them try,
they'll tie great weights upon prone minds,
they'll build up walls so great and tall,
they'll cut you off from gods' good thrall,
they'll poison you with artless foods
which won't nourish in ways quite true.

A cornfed cow they'll make of you,
and you will sit there and you'll moo,
and they will milk you through and through,
and when they're done they'll cut you too
and eat your flesh until it's true
there's really nothing left of you.

And so the war begins anew
because contempt for peace charms fools.

--CK 2017-02-24